Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dear Protesting Muslims of the world

Just so you know, no North American viewers would even be aware of The Innocence of Muslims - which even a couple of minutes of viewing will determine is a ridiculously negligible piece of crap from the lunatic fringe - if it wasn't for your protests, and the attendant media coverage they are generating. By protesting, you are creating curiosity about a film no thinking person here would ever devote a minute of their lives to, as idle news readers Google it to see what the fuss is about; you are further providing American right-wing media material to help propagandize anti-Islamic views. All of this is probably very close to an "ideal reaction" from the point of view of the filmmakers; this is what they wanted you to do all along, dig? There is an idiomatic expression here about "not taking the bait" that you might want to learn; as it stands now, extremists in your own countries and in America are colluding to dupe you, and you are going gleefully along with it.

Oh, and by the way, in terms of American politics, you really don't want Mitt Romney for president (though the people who made The Innocence of Muslims might). Because, uh, do you remember George W. Bush? See, the American people don't, really; by electing a black man president, they have ritually washed their hands and purged their memories, so the fact that Romney comes from the same pack of thieves and warmongers as Bush (also known as the Republican Party) will not stop them from voting for him, if they're convinced he'll make them safer from "the terrorist threat." That means y'all. And that means the more you storm US embassies, the better things get for Romney. I really, really doubt the Republicans and their backers were behind 9/11, but I would not be at all surprised if they helped make The Innocence of Muslims. Along, maybe, with certain friends of yours in Israel, who are  doubtlessly delighted at how you are receiving this film.

I mean, you do what you like, right? But unless you want several more years of Team Bush (by another name), it is really, truly in your best interests to STFU with these protests, and to look very suspiciously at anyone urging you to do otherwise.

Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

You think this post is gonna make people wanna think twice? Fool. Humans, wether Muslim , Christian or Jewish, are all still humans with impulses and emotions. How many hundreds of thousands of "insurgents" in foreign Muslim countries which are mostly innocent men and women and children that they classifie as insurgents, have to die before the madness ends. This is not the people in these foreign countries that are instigating anything , but their reaction is the result of decades of rape and murder and corruption throughout . The time is soon arriving when we will all see what is waiting for us.

Allan MacInnis said...

Nope, I think this post is completely ineffectual and will go utterly unnoticed, affecting no-one and changing nothing. I'm surprised anyone even commented on it (...fool). Just mostly entertaining myself by saying something I think is true, for its own sake, because it occurred to me and wanted sayin'. Still, for all the good it does I could have locked myself in the bathroom and sung it to my toilet.