Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catching Up with The Cabin in the Woods

I actually missed The Cabin in the Woods during its theatrical run, but now rather wish I hadn't: turns out this is a smart, entertaining meta-horror/ comedy, which offers not only a horror narrative (five friends go camping at a cabin in the woods, where bad things will doubtlessly happen) but a framework that comments on that narrative, which will prove very satisfying to anyone who has dipped into film theory, especially in regard to horror (fans of Robin Wood or Carol J. Clover will be right at home). It's also really refreshing to see an on-screen pothead who is gifted with fleeting moments of super-intelligent insight - a function of marijuana normally not emphasized in cinematic representations, which tend to overlook the useful aspects of pot in favour of the many less useful ones, lest anyone be seen as promoting drug use (heaven forbid). The film is a bit silly, but entertainingly so; and whatever its absurdities on the level of plot, they are amply made up for in terms of rich thematic content. I have no intention of writing at any length about it, but anyone actually interested in my recommendations should check it out; about my only quibble, really, is that the climax needed far more tentacles.

Of course, where meta-horror is concerned, the upcoming VIFF film Berberian Sound Studio sure does sound interesting, but I haven't seen it yet. Further VIFF writing is forthcoming on this blog...

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