Sunday, September 16, 2012

Darren Williams checks in

Received from "sax machine" Darren Williams:
Hey Dr. Allan, 
How hangs it? Just wanted to let you know about a show I'm doing, maybe you could plug it on your blog... 
The Freedman trio is really really great, playing oddball faux jazz on a ukulele, a suitcase (used as drums... seriously) and a bristle from a street sweeper truck (used as a bass... again, seriously) They will be playing music by Lori Freedman and Myk Freedman (no relation) in their own beautifully indelible way. Check it out at: 
Also, I'm in the opener playing bassoon with our own Peggy Lee and a SFU grad student Nancy Tam, who hails from Toronto/Waterloo... This first gig in a very long time of playing improv solely bassoon. This is also the first time I'll be playing with Peggy Lee, and Nancy, for that matter. Could be awesome. I sent you the flyer for the show (by yours truly - maybe I should go into business for this stuff..?) 
Anyway, I know you're not likely to make the show, but I'd thought I'd take bug and place firmly in ear (yours.) 
I hope this note finds you well. 

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