Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vancouver Polish Film Festival

VIFFers who missed Ryszard Bugajski's grim, very political conspiracy film The Closed Circuit, who would like to see it in the context of other - mostly recent - Polish cinema should turn out to SFU Woodwards this upcoming weekend for the second Vancouver Polish Film Festival! List of films here, schedule here. Alas, I have other plans this weekend, but we see so little Polish cinema in Vancouver - screenings of Wajda, Polanski, and Kieslowski aside - that I'm very pleased to hear this festival exists. Particularly intrigued by the 1990 film, The Escape From The 'Liberty' Cinema, which won a VPFF audience award denoting it a Polish classic; the film tackles the thorny issue of Polish censorship (it helps stoke my interest that I've been recently discussing just that topic with Ryszard Bugajski himself!).

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