Sunday, October 13, 2013

My (Ongoing) Interview with Ryszard Bugajski, versus getting a real job

Powerful distractions. I need a job - a paying, bread-on-the-table job, need to quit dicking around and get 9 to 5 for a few years - but instead I'm interviewing Ryszard Bugajski, possibly for some publication that won't even pay me for the final interview! I'm doing it out of sheer overwhelming interest, and the sense that, well-placed, it could actually do some good. And my God is it rewarding thus far... We spent the morning talking about his formative years (he was a big fan of Friedkin, after a very striking exposure to the film The Boys In The Band; it fascinates me that Friedkin's cinema is an influence on Bugajski's films!). Tomorrow I hope we can take time to talk Clearcut and The Closed Circuit (and General Nil, though I haven't seen it). I haven't felt this way about an interview in a long, long time - it's very exciting stuff.

I'll get a job next week...

Edited to add: a useful description of the plot and themes of Clearcut is here

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