Wednesday, October 09, 2013

RIP Philip Chevron

One of the most magical concerts I've seen - ever - was the Pogues with Joe Strummer at the Commodore, circa 1988. Memories are dim from so long ago but I vividly recall Shane passing a whiskey bottle into the crowd, and the quizzical, bemused face he made when some girl riding her boyfriend's shoulders flashed her tits at him. I also remember getting the stinkeye from a girl in the crowd for my sound-of-one-cat-fucking contribution to the "Dirty Old Town" singalong, and Joe leading the band into a terrific version of "London Calling." Somewhere since the band lost its ability to come up with new material, but I still periodically spin their first three albums, which are as good a streak of great albums as any band could wish for. Very sorry to hear of the early passing of their guitarist, Phil Chevron; my respects and condolences to those who knew him.

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