Friday, October 18, 2013

Bigfoot dream

I made my own version of Willow Creek in my sleep last night. Details are foggy, save for the end. My wife and I have successfully trapped a baby bigfoot, have it in some sort of container. We have emerged from the forest after a harrowing ordeal, baby still inside the trap, and are in some sort of trailer or vehicle that won't start. Help is on the way - there are sirens in the distance; at this point in the movie - the dream, that is - we (the audience) still have yet to see bigfoot. I go to the back of the trailer to check something and my wife screams - "he's gotten loose!" A little bigfoot runs around the corner, looking kinda like a sixteen-inch-tall bigfoot action figure, determined to run back into the woods. I grab him and hold him and try to calm him. Shh, little guy, it's allright! We're not going to hurt you! ...but he's shrieking and terrified and keeps trying to get loose. My wife is watching as I try to cuddle him and he strikes and resists. The sirens of our rescue are getting closer. Finally I cannot bear to hold the little fella against his will anymore, and I put him down and he runs to the edge of the trailer. I feel great loss, sadness: there goes my dream. And at just that moment, an enormous adult bigfoot (looking an awful lot, in my dream, like a person in a gorilla suit, I must admit; the makeup department for my dreams apparently needs an overhaul) rounds the corner, gathers her baby up in her arms, looks at me briefly and gives the smallest nod of acknowledgement - I did the right thing - and then disappears with her infant off into the forest, never to be seen again...

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