Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Bergmann - again!

Look, I guess I fucked up with that Straight review of the last Art Bergmann show. I wanted to go in some direction other than predictable fawning worship and sympathy (the "ailing rockstar overcomes adversity to triumph onstage" angle: yawn). I got all sorts of abuse for what I wrote, which seemed to miss the fact that I sincerely thought it was a GREAT show. Art seemed sauced, though everyone says he wasn't, and there were all sorts of moments of horror when I feared the night was heading down the toilet in the worst possible way: but it never did, and whatever Art's challenges - illness, pain meds, whatever - he pulled off a magnificent, moving set. I failed to convey that message, obviously (to all but a few who seemed to get where I was coming from).

Anyhow. Art Bergmann plays again October 26th at the Biltmore! I won't be there, but everyone else who cares about Vancouver music should. Art rocks, period.

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