Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Spores' Schizofungi on eBay!

Spores' singer Danny "Shmanny" Nowak with a certain local zombie. Photo by Bev Davies or Femke van Delft: they were both there, and I kinda forget which took this picture...

One of my very favourite Vancouver punk LPs, The Spores' Schizofungi combines anarcho-political rants with a darkly-humoured, acid-tinged love of B-grade horror films, most memorably brought together in "House of Frankenstein" (downloadable for a mere 49 cents here); it also features several songs - like "Tommy (The Curse)" and "Chemical Rainbow" - not available on the News, Weather and Spores CD, and terrific cover art. The LP is long OOP and seldom surfaces, but it's on eBay right now! Go to it!

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