Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's the Pacific Gateway edition of the Georgia Straight

Holy crap - not only is my former ESL-teachin' coworker Katie Ormiston (of Pawnshop Diamond, below) interviewed in the Straight by Adrian Mack, but Mark Berube, who also taught at that school, is interviewed therein by Alexander Varty! And then there's me with my Residents piece, makin' it THREE PEOPLE WITH THE SAME FORMER DAYJOB in the same music section! How about that!

Mark Berube plays tomorrow at the Cultch (Myspace here). I have a great photo of him somewhere that Femke took, but I'm not at my home computer at the moment, and the netcafe is makin' it very difficult for me to lift a photo from the 'net - sorry, Mark! (Those of you who don't know Mark's music might think of him as African-inflected Tom Waits-meets-Nina Simone showman; he's got an amazing voice). I, however, have plans for THAT night, too... But anyhow...

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