Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Japanese Earthquake via the filter of Big Daikon

While I was in Japan, I spent quite awhile hanging out on the Big Daikon discussion forum, a place for ESL teachers living and working in Japan to speak their minds and connect with each other. It was a pretty invaluable place to blow off steam, get feedback, and occasionally make friends - I eventually hung out with a few people I met on that board. It was the first internet community I ever belonged to - an interesting experience, and probably still a very useful place for foreigners in Japan to know about.

Here is the Big Daikon discussion of the earthquake. The initial poster, one Derek Zoolander, writes:

huuuuuuuge f*** earthquake here in Osaka but i hear it was in Miyagi.

Anyone panicking?

How is it there?

This is craaaazy

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Anonymous said...

texBig Daikon is gone.