Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To monetize or not to monetize

Well, folks. It's been a long run on Blogger for a guy who hasn't elected to post ads. Everything I've done up to now, for eight years, has been done for free (or for the occasional guestlisting or other cadged perk). I have been reluctant to monetize previously because I thought it might change the way I write, or what I choose to write about, or otherwise impinge upon or limit my freedoms on this blog; and I like the idea of there being ad-free zones in the world, especially on the internet. Still, facts is facts: I'm unemployed, broke, and struggling, and I still seem to have things to say on this site, so you may soon start seeing Ads by Google on Alienated in Vancouver (if they approve of me). Who knows, maybe there will actually be some meaningful income generated?

Post-script: hm, I guess I may have made a wrong move. I thought by creating an Ad Sense account everything else would be done for me, and ads (and concomitant cheques) would presently appear, but I'm being told to do a billion things that I don't understand ("implementing ad code," with a how-to appropriate to Youtube: what?). Will there be ads? Will there be no ads? I'm not prepared to actually invest time in placing ads on this site. Plus I've already self-censored a recent post to be in "compliance" with Google's policies... Sigh. I should have stayed true to my instincts...

Post-script the second: whew! After having gotten nervous that my blog would be ruined or compromised by Ad Sense, I am amused and relieved to receive a note refusing my application. I've been rejected for having "insufficient content..."

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