Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lamb of God cancelled due to MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE?

Weird and disturbing (and news to me, though not exactly fresh off the press): Lamb of God's upcoming show in Vancouver has been cancelled because the singer, Randy Blythe, is in jail in the Czech Republic for manslaughter, after (apparently) pushing a 19 year old fan off the stage in 2010; the fan fell, developed head injuries, and later died, and when the band returned to perform a Czech show, Blythe was arrested. I have not seen video footage of the act - don't know what the circumstances were - but this sounds like a horrible move, and someone needs to sit Czech authorities down and patiently explain to them that:

a) rock concerts are rowdy, violent things
b) rock fans know this and for the most part like it that way
c) accidents can and do happen
d) holding bandmembers accountable for those accidents can only be bad for rock concerts
e) (...especially if you want bands to continue to tour through the Czech Republic!)

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