Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Attention Meatmen Fans!

Those of you eager to see the Meatmen at Fortune Sound Club on August 9th should take note that copies of the awesome Touch and Go hardcore punk fanzine anthology (read more on it on Tesco Vee's homepage) can be ordered in super-quick via Pulp Fiction books, at a substantial discount off the Canadian cover price (the website says "typically 30%," but I thought Chris said 20% today, while giving me, in fact, more than that; don't ask me to do the math, but the bottom line is that it was a damn good deal, with something like a three-day turnaround from when I placed the order and no shipping charges: beat that, Amazon!). The book is some 576 pages long, smells like 'zine ink (not too different from the Crass Records ink smell, actually), and is profusely illustrated (in inimitable 'zine fashion), with tons of punk-related articles by Tesco, Dave Stimson, and contributions from Henry Rollins, Ian Mackaye, and Keith Morris (among others). I'm particularly keen to read the Crucifucks reviews (26 is Tesco's homeboy, looks like)! Note: advance ticket sales for the Meatmen gig are only $6, and will get a lot more expensive come the show, so buy yours now! Meatmen song of the moment: "Pillar of Sodom," off their 1987 masterwork (and my fave Meatmen album) War of the Superbikes...

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