Thursday, July 05, 2012

Beyond the Black Rainbow on my blog and in the Georgia Straight, 2

...Okay, so that's all I'm going to be able to put online before the Vancouver premiere of Beyond the Black Rainbow, tomorrow, but both makeup artist Kyla Rose Tremblay (pictured above, making me a zombie for zombiewalk) and director Panos Cosmatos are on-board to answer some questions, so hopefully there'll be more to read here next week. See my Norm Li interview (about the cinematography) here, and my Jeremy Schmidt interview (about the music) here; and check out Janet Smith's Straight review of the film here (a most accurate and observant review, tho' I'd add a nod to THX 1138 to th' list of references). The film also got a review in The Village Voice a few months ago, and you can find interviews with Panos Cosmatos online here and here.

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