Sunday, July 08, 2012

Adstock 2012: some photos

One wishes that more people in the community would come out to participate in Adstock - it's not like there are many free all-day outdoor festivals of music in Maple Ridge, and there really was a great variety of music on hand today - something for everyone, really. Still, the park wasn't exactly packed - though maybe the blazing sun had a lot to do with that; people tended to cluster in whatever pockets of shade were available. But there were girls hula-hooping, people playing games with balls in the far field, happily yelping dogs, the odd skateboarder taking advantage of the paved surfaces, and more than a few goggle-eyed toddlers running about in time to the music, their parents close by. Those attendees who did come out appeared to have a great time. Even Mom - whom I plied from her chair for the first few bands, to "experience life live," as opposed to through her usual filter of the TV, could appreciate the charm of seeing massively Mowhawk'd punk rockers dancing happily to Cornshed's furious Maritimes-tinted hoedowns - which even got her highly critical toes tapping (she could previously be glimpsed with her hands clamped over her ears during Anchoress' set). She was quite delighted by the bouncing, dancing conga line that Abbotsford band Rags to Radio led around the park and then the stage, and enjoyed the Jen Huangs (who gamely did most of their EP, Rango, despite one member having a busted flipper). I missed the Secondrate Rejects (sorry Jonny - Mom has to eat), and just got in from Nylithia, whose blistering thrash had a happy little moshpit going on the concrete in front of the stage - the first daylight moshpit I've seen since The Rebel Spell played Under the Volcano a few years ago. It's strange to see people moshing in the sun; I felt quite worried for the barefoot girl who decided she wanted to participate, after all the times I've had my own feet stomped on by oblivious moshers. I am now officially skipping our own local ska-kings Los Furios. With yesterday's bit of outdoorsiness and most of today spent in the sun, I'm feeling red and sore and in need of a nice, cold bath to make me feel human again. Thanks to Matt and Adam and Polya and all the people who help sustain the music scene in Maple Ridge! Looking forward to Adstock 2013...




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