Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Melvins Lite Sunday!

I saw the Melvins at least three times in the early years, back when they would play the Cruel Elephant on Granville; even saw them with Lorax on bass, once. Can't find footage of those shows on Youtube but here's one from the same time period - a cover of "The Nile Song." They were heavy and memorable live, but I didn't get their albums back then - too slow, too spare, too demanding; it really helped to have them performing their music in front of me, like my jaws were being forced open and the music jammed down deep inside me. Aside from their gig with Jello Biafra a few years ago, though, despite having bought tickets for two of their last Vancouver shows, I haven't caught them since (ended up selling my tickets and doing something else both nights, for various reasons). Kinda feel like I really oughta seize the day and see these guys again, eh? Even if it's the Melvins Lite (ie., without two drummers)...

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