Saturday, July 07, 2012

Credit where it's due: thanks again to Dan (and Kyla!)

Tom Charity was kind enough at last night's very well-attended screening of Beyond the Black Rainbowto direct people to this blog and thank me for having initially called his attention to the film. In the interests of justice, I want to share those acknowledgements - because the film was brought to my attention by local electronic musician Dan Kibke (of G42 and Ejaculation Death Rattle), whom I believe heard about it through Kyla Rose Tremblay, who did the make-up effects for the film (interview with Kyla pending!). Above is a photo of Kyla making Dan a zombie for a past Zombiewalk... not quite sure who took it (though the Soska sisters were in the room at the time, so it might've been one of them...).

...and while I'm at it: thanks to Tom Charity for being adventurous enough to take a chance on such a cool film (booking it for two weeks! - Y'all have plenty of chances to get out to see it, so if you care about keeping exciting and innovative programming at Vancouver cinemas, get out there to check this film out, eh?).

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