Monday, December 30, 2013

Rich Hope at the WISE Hall - New Year's Party!

I have, it occurs to me - at least insofar as memory serves - never spent New Year's in the company of large numbers of my peers. As a kid, I remember being surrounded by people at my parents' condo, having to kiss weird, unfamiliar old ladies at midnight, but that's not really what I think of as going to a New Year's Party. I may have also partied in the New Year with Japanese at some point, but that also stands somewhat to one side, seeming more in the category of "work function" than revelry. While I admit to being more of a fan of the Blue Rich Rangers band, Rich Hope and His Evil Do'ers at the WISE Hall sounds like a pretty fun way to toast in the New Year - and apparently snacks from the Reef and a champagne toast are included. Maybe it's time to join the so-called race of men and actually experience a New Year's party?

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