Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Vibrations at the Vancity Theatre

One of the most unanimously-loved movies at the 2013 VIFF - at least among the people I talked to - was Good Vibrations, about the early days of the Belfast punk scene and the contributions of one Terri Hooley, who opened the record store that gives the film its title during a very politically turbulent time. There are several different angles to approach Good Vibrations from, but if you're interested in a unique perspective on the Troubles, if your love of music transcends any sectarian allegiances, if you can identify with someone who plays a supporting role in your local music scene (as journalist, record store owner, promoter, what-have-you), and would like to see such a person heroized and celebrated, or if you just love music (either punk or reggae - since Hooley was a reggae-lover who opened the store BEFORE his discovery of punk, which is chronicled in the movie, in one of the most moving and delightful "conversion scenes" I have ever encountered, pictured above) - you will find this film a delight. So will fans of the Undertones! It opens at the Vancity Theatre in a couple of days and is highly recommended! Not immediately finding the film's official website but its Facebook page is here...

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