Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blog pause, but - Zev Asher tribute upcoming, other film stuff...

Not a lot to say at the moment but I'll eventually be posting a giant Zev Asher interview online, and will have  a link to that. It's been awhile coming, but I've had lots of other projects swimming around, lots else to negotiate. The Cinematheque tribute to Zev is on January 16th - a triple bill of his films, with guests (including myself) in attendance; hope interested parties will make it out.

Also of note - Good Vibrations at the Vancity, which was a unanimous favourite, among people I spoke to, at the VIFF, is a charming biopic dealing with the early Belfast punk scene and a very important record store and its founder. Plus there's a Claire Denis mini-festival at the Cinematheque, featuring what is thus far my favourite of the films of hers I've caught, Trouble Every Day - a sexual horror film starring Vincent Gallo and Beatrice Dalle that is an absolute must-see, by me (though oddly its one of her worst-reviewed films; I vastly preferred it to Beau Travail - go figure).

Otherwise, I'm just gettin' through the holidays, trying to figure out my new phone (my old, much-loved Samsung Intensity has been getting worse and worse and it seemed wise to trade it in while I could afford to). Might do something at the Vancity involving their New Year's Eve screening of The Big Lebowski... dunno. Merry holidays and good luck with the Boxing Day deals, folks (I will be abstaining this year).

Anyone wanting to hire me for decent paid work is encouraged to get in touch! Need some money!

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