Friday, December 20, 2013

David M.'s Christmas Alone In No Fun City: the perfect place to take your Christmas-loving girlfriend this weekend!

Where can you hear cover versions of everything from the Jingle Cats to the Residents? Who else in Vancouver does ironic rewritings of No Fun classics like "I'm Not Taking Suzy To the Be-In" to give them a seasonal angle? Who else in this city mutilates a Christmas carol like David M? Nowhere, no-one, no way, no how, no! Now celebrating its 28th year, this weekend at the Prophouse Cafe (on Venables just off Commercial), it's David M.'s Christmas Alone In No Fun City - my absolute favourite way to consume Christmas culture (unless you count foodstuffs), and the happiest possible compromise between the cynic in you and the Christmas lover in your life! Bring your girlfriend! Bring your boyfriend! Bring yourself! Just be there, or RISK MISSING OUT! 

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David M. said...

Art Bergmann does all of that.