Friday, December 27, 2013

I am not, strictly speaking, a Lebowski, but...

I am very excited about the FREE NEW YEARS EVE SCREENING of The Big Lebowski at the Vancity Theatre!

Actually I'm more of a Hudsucker Proxy man, truth be known, but then, that's screening too, earlier that evening! (It's not free, though).

Special semi-secret (read: poorly publicized) plans are afoot for the Lebowski event but it is in no way clear what these might entail at this point. Or, like, nothing is confirmed - there is no clarity yet. But, like, something is going to happen, man, and knowing what it is in advance might just take the surprise out of it, anyhow. So it's best if you just show up (though you might want to reserve a free ticket ahead of time: who knows, this could actually be a popular event). 

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