Monday, December 30, 2013


So I'm at Carson Books and Records on Dunbar Street spinning records while I work. I play the Enigma's Strangely Wild EP, in honour of their reformation and (still upcoming, I think) show. Then I spin Miles Davis' Jack Johnson - an album I once owned and know I like -- but hey, I find I'm really digging it today. It's so much PUNCHIER than I recall it being, seems much more akin to Bitches Brew than I'd remembered or expected. Was it always this good?, I'm thinking. I play all of side one, then flip it to side two, and play that all the way through until we get to the quote from Jack Johnson at the end - and he's talking like a chipmunk. Suddenly I realize that I've listened all the way through the album at 45rpm instead of 33 1/3, and was none the wiser. (I'd had it on 45 for the Enigmas). Been a loooong time since I've made that mistake! Sorry, Miles!

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