Sunday, November 03, 2013

Comments re-enabled, for now

Well, let's see if the spammers who were trying to post useless non-comments here, designed to direct people to their malign websites, have gone away: now that comments have been disabled for a few weeks running, I am going to turn them back on again and see what happens... Note that if I continue to receive spammy bullshit as comments, I will simply permanently disable the feature; spammers will thus be depriving my readers the opportunity to post their thoughts here, and me of legitimate feedback on my writing, while getting absolutely nothing out of it themselves (since I will not post their spam to my blog). They will be both wasting their time and damaging something of value to others. Kind of silly, what? As a marginal gesture of increased security I am no longer allowing anonymous comments, since I have found anonymous commenters - no reflection on the hacktivist group - to often leave snide, distasteful, and cowardly comments. Perhaps the need for ID will deter some of the spam attempts, too...

Once again, if you visit this blog and find yourself unable to leave a comment, you are welcome to visit my profile and click the "contact me" link or such. I do read what people send (unless it is obvious spam or impersonal attempts to generate PR for stuff entirely inappropriate to this blog, which I receive plenty of, believe me). Discussion, communication, and feedback are welcome, crass attempts to make money off my blog when I myself do not, are not.

Thanks for understanding.

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Allan MacInnis said...

Okay, you can comment now.