Thursday, May 13, 2010

Punk addendum

By the way: there'll be a K-Tels concert screened at Little Mountain Galleries on May 19th, which may or may not also involve special guests, a punk wedding, a webcast, and so forth (I was given two different versions of what the night will hold and omitted everything not common to both; fuggit!). Also, I've got an amusing Music Note in the Straight about the upcoming Reg Harkema Manson movie, Leslie My Name Is Evil, and a review of the Sorrow And The Pity's new album. (I actually had a bit of back-and-forth with Dave about drawing a connection to the Toronto band Braino, by which people might have figured out his SUPER SECRET REAL IDENTITY; he cleared it, and the Straight axed it, but - hey, didja know Dave was in Braino?).

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William Scott Scherk said...

Thanks for the blurb, dood. Art Bergmann will be at the 19th gig after all. Truly Old Home Week. Sorry you had to endure Elnore The Magnificent.