Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Art Bergmann/ K-Tels tonight

With apologies to all involved, I don't think I'll be at the event tonight - which, by the way, is Little Mountain Gallery's screening of Doreen Grey's K-Tels/ Dead Kennedys video (with the DK's OPENING for the K-Tels!) shot in 1979 at the Cultch (see a couple of posts back for links). Art Bergmann will likely be in attendance. There might be other guests, and maybe other stuff - there was talk of a punk rock wedding, with Femke taking photos, as well as a possible appearance by Jim Cummins, and maybe a phone-in from Jello Biafra... dunno which of these things will actually materialize. It all sounds great - even if it's just Art in attendance, it's a very rare opportunity to hear him speak; but I have responsibilities I can't shirk, and it's a long bus commute back to Maple Ridge, which means a late night, a bad night's sleep, and a very tired day at work tomorrow. Add it all up, and it just seems better if I skip this one.*

Those of you who actually LIVE in Vancouver have no excuses!

*Actually, I'm also a bit worried that there will be fallout from my Bloodied review, below - but mostly I just have more important things to deal with. I mean, it's just punk rock, for fucksake...

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