Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Nomeansno and beer, plus Femke show

It's a longshot that there are any Nomeansno fans reading this blog who are so diehard that they would order a German magazine, but just in case: Ox Fanzine has just published a recent interview I did with Nomeansno drummer/co-vocalist John Wright, talking (in German translation, of course) about parenthood, punk, the squat scene in Europe, and, especially, beer. (Wright is a brewer, and it seemed especially fitting to delve into that topic with him for a German magazine). We discussed his preference for fresh beer and his excitement at visiting brewery-rich Bamberg on the current tour. For the benefit of any German readers coming to BC, I asked him if he had favourite places to drink in Vancouver. Wright responded:

"Ooh. Hm," he replied. "I quite like Steamworks beers. The Yaletown Brew Pub has very good beer - Ian, the brewer down there does an awful good job. On a good day, Storm IPA. It’s not always a good day for Storm IPA, but on a good day, it’s a great beer. The thing about when I’m home in Vancouver - I just drink my own beer. But what is it - Big Kettle, out in the valley somewhere? I had it on tap at the Railway Club. I might send them to the Railway, because the Railway has a pretty good selection of beers and they keep their taps clean. And that’s not a bad atmosphere to enjoy a brew..."

Thought Steamworks, the Yaletown Brew Pub, the Railway and such would appreciate the plug! (By the way, I'm also highly partial to Steamworks and the Yaletown Brew Pub and often recommend them to my students; ditto Six Acres in Gastown, for a very interesting selection of bottled beers - John, if you ain't been, check it out!).

The Ox article comes with a photo by Femke Van Delft, as yet unseen in any local publications; she took the li'l pic of John to the left, above. Nomeansno play the Biltmore July 1st - other tour dates here; and speaking of the Railway, Femke will have a show of her rock photography there from June 1-30th, "The F-Stops Here," with the opening on June 3rd, from 7pm til midnight, featuring Fraulein Fanta, Marko Polio, and, I'm told, Yellowthief. More on that later, prolly!

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Susan Main said...

Cool to hear about your story publication in Germany! Not to mention the appreciation of some of our local places. Congrats. Will look forward to Femke's show too.