Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art Bergmann in Trouser Press

Hey, the same blogger linked below - the Vancouver Redux girl - has alerted me to a pretty good career overview of Art Bergmann on the Trouser Press website. The guy has perceptive things to say about most of Art's albums...

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Judith Beeman said...

Al, thanks for introducing us to Vancouver Redux person. She sounds fab -- you should ask her out for coffee

Remember when the TPRG was the only game in town to read record (record!) reviews? They were an absolute god-send back in the day.

I haven't visited the TPRG site in ages -- although the reportage is concise and often witty. Ira was a bit BIG HEADED for my taste too.

When I need quick info on a band these days I run to

see ya, Jude