Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weird Dreams of Billy Wilder's Sabrina

Apropos of absolutely nothing - it connects in no way to any film I'm writing about or looking at of late - I dreamed that I was watching an extra on a DVD about Billy Wilder's Sabrina, in which an actress who was supposed to be Bette Davis (who is not in the film, and who in fact looked quite a bit more, in my dream, like Betty White) revealed in an interview that the "region 3" release of the DVD (supposedly Japan, though actually South Korea, Southeast Asia, Macau and Taiwan) had an extra scene in the film, completely unseen by North American audiences. Interesting that in a dream that gets so many things wrong I would get right the idea that, because the Japanese are so nuts for Audrey Hepburn - who is in Sabrina - they would no doubt be the ones to have a unique print of the film. I lingered on the dream in a semi-conscious state, elaborating it for some time while resisting waking up, but this detail was authentically a dream detail. In fact, the film whose extras I've been plundering is David Cronenberg's Rabid, which is about as far removed from Sabrina as one could get...

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