Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another odd dream

Another odd dream, in which I am a writer, and I've been asked to investigate the disappearance of another writer, one Brian Hoagland, who was staying in a hotel where he was working on a project, but never returned home. His family and friends are worried that he may have killed himself (apparently another reference to the recent suicide of my friend Thomas, who took his life in a hotel room). I phone Hoagland's number and reach an unusually long answering machine recording that seems to indicate he is in good spirits and hard at work. I'm reporting to someone - my superiors? - that it seems unlikely Hoagland killed himself, when somehow the news reaches us (over the radio?) that in fact, Hoagland's body had been discovered: he was struck by lightning while going for a swim! My theory is vindicated. Then my cellphone alarm goes off, waking me for another day at school...

Just in case my dream knows something I don't, as I wrote the above, I did a Google search to find out if there is any significant Brian Hoagland out there that my subconscious might be referencing. There isn't. Where did it come up with such a specific name, I wonder?

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