Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More on Zev Asher

Two separate downloads have been put online of Zev Asher's music since his passing: one by Keith Parry, here, and one by his friend Jen Morris, here.

There's also an obit of Zev on the Straight site, with a photo that Bev Davies took of Zev when he was in Vancouver for 2011's Noise Night.

Anyone who knows what's happening re: Zev's movies, please let me know. When last he and I corresponded, he had plans to release his films on DVD, was talking about recording commentaries and so forth; I've been sitting on an interview since 2011, with plans to put it into the world to correspond with that release. It would be a shame if all that got scrapped now - his films are too interesting, too unique to lapse into obscurity.

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