Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy 30th anniversary, Melvins!

Unless someone gives me tickets, I probably am going to miss this show - I have no money whatsoever - but the Melvins are an incredible band.
The Melvins were among my most-seen bands when I was a grunge fan attending shows at the Cruel Elephant in the early 1990's - I saw them two or three times, once in the Gluey Porch days, and then again with Lorax, and maybe one time after that. Aside from the Jelvins at the Croatian Cultural Centre a few years ago, I haven't made it to any of their recent shows - though I tried a couple of times: I sold my tickets to their Commodore show because I had a chance to go jam with a then-buddy (I don't play music very often, am godawful and untalented, but they needed a bassist and I could occasionally pretend I knew what I was doing). Then sold my tickets to their last show at the Rickshaw when I couldn't find anywhere to sleep in the city that night (I hadn't brought the requisite ID for a hotel stay). All the same, the Melvins are one of the greatest American rock bands now active, and I wish them a very happy anniversary...! Should be an amazing show...

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