Saturday, June 01, 2013

Sidelined by migraines

Apologies to Canned Hamm, SNFU, and any and all others who might have wanted my support or attention this weekend. I have been sidelined with a week of migraines - part of a cycle of caffeine addiction that I'm hoping to break today. Work plus coffee is a bad combo for me - the need to stay functional, the regular hours, the temptation of the West Coast Express coffee car, and the need to have something to drink at work lead me to drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages (chai, tea) several times daily, which eventually leads my body to an attuned state of dependency. If I don't feed the monkey frequently enough, this means regular caffeine-withdrawal headaches - migraines, which this week have been moving into the right front part of my brain (and the back of my neck) with considerable intensity and making life misery, often rousing me from sleep, when I normally am not drinking coffee...! I've gone through similar cycles several times, so at least I know how to handle it - a day or two of rest and no caffeine should do the trick. Hopefully by Monday I'll be on the other side of them...

Anyhow, time to get away from the light of the computer monitor... very hard on the eyes.


Unknown said...

Hi Al,

Just catching up on your blog. I hope your migraines have subsided.

I wholeheartedly recommend the coffee substitute Caf Lib. It is made out of chicory and barley. I found it at Buy Low so likely available many places.

It totally tastes like coffee, but goes a bit further and feels soothing going down (like hot chocolate.)

Fyi, did you know Puss N' Boots the local NY Dolls tribute band (w/Hamm and Terry from Slow) are playing this Sunday at Car Free Day on Main.

I saw them at the Fairview recently for their debut. Fun but tres fuck bandy. My buddy Alice is going to join them on sax on Sunday.

see ya, Jude
xx, Jude

Unknown said...

Me again. Alas, it turns out Puss N' Boots are not going to be playing Car Free Day after all. I am furious.