Wednesday, June 05, 2013

New interview with Chris Walter in the Straight

 I don't know why I enjoy interviewing Chris Walter so much. I've probably spent more time interviewing the guy than I have reading his books! To date, I've done things for Discorder, Razorcake, Big Takeover, the Straight, and Ox Fanzine in Germany, though I'm not sure they ever ran it. His new novel, Chase The Dragon, is a totally enjoyable read - one of his best yet, at least of the ones I've tried (so far, beside Chase The Dragon, I've read East Van, Wrong, Welfare Wednesdays, Punch the Boss, and his SNFU bio, as well as bits of his other writing - short stories, chunks of his Dayglos and Personality Crisis books, books I read a few chapters of then got distracted...). I'm pretty happy with this new interview (the online version may be longer than the print, so be sure to check it out that way, if you haven't).

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