Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alberta Pipeline bust

BUSTED! (Me, that is. I hurriedly threw the above photo and the piece of writing below up on my blog without researching it properly; the photo is NOT from the recent Alberta spill. See comments section - someone has caught me in my carelessness. Still, I'll leave the photo and the text where they are...)

I mean not to disrespect copyright but to keep this photo online and make sure as many Canadians see it as possible. I'm not sure if it ran originally in the Huffington Post or in Common Ground magazine, but it depicts a spill from the pipeline the other day in Alberta; Common Ground posted it on Facebook and said it was quickly taken down, so I'm doing my duty as a Canadian and putting it up where I can: this blog.

Can't wait to get some of this action here in BC.


Anonymous said...

Your duty as a Canadian should include doing a minute or two's due diligence on Google. The above picture is from an Alaskan oil spill in 2001, caused by a drunk with a high powered rifle:

If you'd bothered to scroll through the comments on Common Ground Magazine's picture, you'd have seen that many people are calling them out for lying to the public with their caption of an 11 year old photo. It was taken down from the HuffPo because it has NO CONNECTION to the spill in Red Deer, which came from an underground pipe.

Allan MacInnis said...

Whoop. You've caught me. I didn't look into this as closely as I should have. Mea culpa.