Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breivik's manifesto PDF'd online in English here; it's title is "2083: A European Declaration of Independence." It's a bit huge - it appears to be 1518 pages long. I'm presently on page 12, which is where it really starts, tackling the ideology of "political correctness," and its history. Before that is what appears to be a variety of chest-beating exercises and suggestions for disseminating the text (which also, I see, contains bomb-making instructions, a detailed, doubtlessly highly prejudicial history of Islam, and praise for different Swedish National Socialist groups. But I've only skimmed).

It actually turns out to be rather ironic, that everyone in the media has taken such pains to note that Breivik is not a Muslim (thereby implying that Muslims have a monopoly on terrorism), when in fact it turns out he is an "anti-Muslim," railing against "the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe," ie. "Eurabia."

It appears that Muslims are officially "the new Jews" of the European right.

Not going to presume to evaluate the whole thing (which would require reading it), but after a skim, I have to say, it ain't no Unabomber Manifesto. (Now that's a pretty compelling read...!).

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