Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mecca Normal tonight

People interested in my interview with David Lester, below, might want to check out Mecca Normal, tonight, with The Corin Tucker Band at The Media Club. By the way, with the elections tomorrow, and David's comments on elections, I asked him a follow up question - what does he think would be better? He writes: "What would be a better alternative? I'm not totally sure on what the alternative is to the inherent corruption that is government. Certainly proportional representation would reflect a more diverse political landscape. But ultimately, maybe society needs to think of an organizational model that goes beyond the traditional idea of government."

Maybe. I'll be voting tomorrow, though, and hope y'all will be as well. Say what one might about the corruption of our political process - there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between some of these candidates. I'd much rather live in a Canada ruled by Jack Layton or Michael Ignatieff than in one led by a Stephen Harper majority...

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