Thursday, May 19, 2011

Into Eternity at the Vancity Theatre

...caught Into Eternity at the last VIFF, opening on the 27th at the VIFC: it's a chilly, creepy, artful and educational consideration of the problems posed by building a long term storage facility for nuclear waste - problems such as, how do you post warning signs that will be recognizable tens or hundreds of thousands of years in the future, when knowing nothing about the state of human culture or language at that time? With perfectly used songs by Kraftwerk, access to stunning and unique visuals, and a variety of articulate Northern European scientists on hand to explain the various issues raised, this is a disturbing but fascinating documentary - one which almost feels like a work of speculative fiction. It's also a much more entertaining experience than reading online about the spread of radioactivity out of Japan, say. Some of the scientists' chilly Nordic detachment might even be soothing, 'round about now.

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