Friday, April 29, 2011

Death of the Video Store, continued

Dave Kehr, it turns out, has written an excellent article in the NY Times on the current state of home-viewing technology. In it, he mentions that Blockbuster is in bankruptcy, something I didn't know when writing my own post on the death of video stores, below. It makes sense.

Since I wrote that piece, I've said my goodbyes to the bulldogs at Reel Bulldog and wished the owner luck. His last day is Sunday, and, dying medium or no, I may go down and pick up a few more titles, as the prices drop even lower. I don't plan to ever buy a Blu-Ray player, anyhow... and my giant clunky RCA TV, bought in the early 1990's, still works just fine; short of having to move, I can see no good reason to replace it.

Meantime - there's another pending video store closure in Vancouver, one which I knew nothing about when writing my piece below. But I don't want to go public on it just yet... more soon...


Lionel Braithwaite said...

If you were the film buff you claim to be, you'd save money and buy a Blu-Ray player as well as an HDTV set and see how amazing movies truly look. But I guess that doing that is too hard for most people, or too difficult.

Allan MacInnis said...

...and if you had read the above more carefully, you would have seen it was from 2011. I upgraded in 2012 or so. All the same, film buffs exist at various income and class levels, and i would suggest you not judge people based on what they can afford at a given point, especially in a public forum.It mostly just makes you look like an asshole (or maybe shames people for being broke, which is kind of an assholish thing to do).