Sunday, April 19, 2015

Electric Wizard live at the Rickshaw

My show review, with great pics from bev davies, is here. A few bad photos that I took are below:


Unknown said...

hey Allan, i really enjoyed your write up on Electric Wizard at the Big Takeover... i had no idea bout the Kasso angle either.

if you want to, you are welcome to use a photo of Satan's Satyrs for your piece. I shot the Boston show, and am a contributor to the BT as well. let me know!

Allan MacInnis said...

Hey, thank you! I actually think my photo of Satan's Satyrs is good enough, I just didn't want to presume to be competing with bev...

But I'm really glad for the feedback, I thought that was actually a pretty interesting piece of writing I did and was wondering if anyone even read it!