Monday, April 20, 2015

Catching up with Dexter

So Dexter, the first time around, threw me just after Season 6. I have friends who got thrown around Season 5, though as a fan of Julia Stiles, it was one of my favourites. Season 6 meandered, and season 7 completely lost me with a couple of very unconvincing moments between Dexter and Debra. (I'm also a big fan of Jennifer Carpenter). I elected not to finish it, and only just now came back to the series - since my girl hadn't watched it and I could start it anew with her - to discover that Season 7, while uneven, actually has its fair share of brilliant moments, and that Season 8 co-stars The Night Porter's Charlotte Rampling, which would be interesting enough as a reason to watch the season, even if it weren't well-executed (so far it seems to be).

So I guess I will finish off Dexter. I wonder how many other people out there got thrown from the last couple of seasons? I've read that some people were quite pissed off by Season 8, but so far it seems solid enough...

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