Monday, April 09, 2012

Stress, stress, stress - plus Engrish t-shirt

Jesus. Was I talking about relief, just the other day? I must have been taking a breather between assignments. I've been wrestling with another essay all day and am presently experiencing all the symptoms of anxiety I can handle - frequent trips to the washroom, a general sense of agitation, a dry mouth, panicky "I can't do it" thoughts. It's going to have to carry over til tomorrow, too - here's hoping that my stress levels don't completely destroy my chances of sleep, because I'm going to need it.

Meantime, there's an unbelievably weird t-shirt posted today on If I'd seen this while I was in Japan, I probably would've had to buy it for someone (preferably not myself).


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the essay.

Allan MacInnis said...

Thanks. Having bathed rather thoroughly yesterday afternoon, I found myself puzzled this mornin' on the way in to UBC (to hand in yet another essay) by my rather foul body odour, until I realized that I probably was sweating like hell all last night while I was layin' in bed not sleeping. I wonder if this is the "fear" that dogs can supposedly smell? Thankfully, I now have an outline sketched for my essay, know exactly where i want to take it. It was actually due a few hours ago but I'll take the late penalty - it's only 2 marks - and write it later today: AFTER I take a nap!