Thursday, April 12, 2012


Now that I've finally decided to get rid of that last Internet Explorer upgrade, which completely fucked up my internet surfing experience, I'v been forced to take a Blogger upgrade, which won't work properly on my version of Internet Explorer (my preferred browser) at all - all the icons for posting photos, using italics, and so forth are half-hidden and there are vast blank spaces on the page that presumably are supposed to have something in them. Even more annoying, instead of going DIRECTLY to the blogger dashboard, which previously had all the tools I needed in one place for easy access, I have TWO intermediate pages to now surf past, one where I'm forced to choose my blog, and another that shows me "Google News" (which, no offense, I couldn't give less of a fuck about) and gives me stats for my blog (page views and so forth) that I neither want nor need (I was already monitoring these quite happily via Sitemeter without Blogger's help, thank you). I used to be able to go directly from my blogface to the dashboard, where I could IMMEDIATELY edit posts I'd written. No longer. Of course, this is being done in the name of making the program "easier to use" - yeah, right. Plus I don't LIKE Google Chrome, which is what they're trying to unsubtly coerce me to use (ie, "if you are having problems, try Google Chrome"); I tried both it and Firefox in my browser frustrations and discovered that I'm quite happy with the previous version of IE, just like I was TOTALLY happy with the old version of Blogger (and the version before that, for that matter)! Dammit, this is frustrating... do people at Google not have more IMPORTANT things to do than force bloggers to reconfigure how we surf the internet and/or use their program? Do they REALLY BELIEVE their new Blogger interface is "new and improved?" Don't blog much, do they? Grr.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Blogger's great, and I'm most appreciative, but...

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Allan MacInnis said...

It gets worse: I notice that my password retrieval function on Hotmail is no longer accurate - reflects an email account that I no longer use, my old Telus account. So I try to delete the Telus account and update it to Gmail, only to discover that the only way I can confirm either step is if Hotmail sends an email to my Telus account! Motherfuckers! Waaah!