Saturday, April 07, 2012

Relief, respite, relaxation

A sort of relief has set in: even if I have three papers left to write for my classes, I will only have to commute to UBC twice in the month of April, and then only to hand things in; after that, I'm done. No more waking up at 6:30 to shower and catch the West Coast Express, no more blocking out the noise and smell of my perfumed and cologned fellow commuters chattering about their mortgages, no more 8:45AM lineups at Waterfront Station for the 44 B-Line bus... These are good things. I may apply again for the Film Studies MA program in 2013 (depending on where life sees me then), but just in case, I'm allowing myself to enjoy the feeling of freedom that the end of semester (and the beginning of spring) have brought...

...when I'm not hunched over my computer writing essays, that is. Two of them are due this Tuesday. I think I may still take today off - I've been hammering away for the last few days on this United Red Army paper and need to unwind a bit. Here's where a girlfriend would come in handy.

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