Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Paul Collins Beat in Vancouver Aug. 19th!

Received from Dave Bowes, re: Paul Collins Beat/ Tranzmitors/ Nervous Wreck @ Pat's Pub Friday Aug 19:

Paul Collins, Jack Lee and Peter Case formed The Nerves in 1974. The Nerves proved to be one of the pioneers of the burgeoning US punk rock scene, independently releasing their own 4 song EP which included the classic “Hanging on the Telephone,” later to become a hit for Blondie.

After Lee left the band, Collins and Case continued as the Breakaways; their best known song is "Walking out on Love", frequently performed by the Nerves in concert but never recorded by them.

After The Nerves disbanded in 1977, Collins moved to LA and formed The Beat which went on to tour with The Police, The Jam and Joe Jackson, showcasing Beatles and Byrds-influenced guitars and catchy choruses that defined skinny-tied power pop similar to what The Knack took to the charts. Now known as the Paul Collins Beat, they have released three studio albums of original material since 2007 and will be playing selections from these and likely some older stuff too!


"Tranzmitors are the perfect answer to anyone looking for songs with the astute hooks of Elvis Costello's This Year's Model and the punk virility of the Buzzcocks... sounds like something from the Stiff Records catalogue that would have sat on the charts next to the Undertones' "Teenage Kicks." " - Exclaim Magazine

Nervous Wreck is some great Alberta pop punk with a strong old rock and roll vibe. Think Briefs meets Teenage Head.

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