Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog closure pending, plus more Doc Dart/ 26

As stated below, I'm still thinkin' (once I clear up a few promised pieces of writing) on closing the blog this summer, or at least mothballing it for a long time. It's become counterproductive for me to keep this up. I'm figuring by the end of the month or so I can clear up any outstanding writerly debts to people - a few more posts to get out of the way.

In the meantime, some more writing on the former "Christmas Friends" singer Doc Corbin Dart/ 26, who still is fascinating me:

A review of The Messiah:

Great stuff, that: "Often pegged, unfairly, as a zany provocateur due to the work of his hardcore outfit, the Crucifucks (cf. 'Hinckley Had a Vision'), Dart’s output is actually a remarkable composite portrait of bottomless empathy in conflict with a blindered world." Nicely said!

A Patricia review, on the Strung Out on Music blog:

"He’s been broken by a multitude of causes, but returns often to feelings of abandonment: by friends, lovers, family, even someone who died before him. He knows that this issue is majorly screwing with his head, but doesn’t know how to conquer it, and the person he was leaning on to help get through it has cut him off (in the title song, he hints that Patricia stopped the sessions because the love he expressed for her was over the line."

Let me again direct readers to this terrific, terrific pop song by Doc Dart, "Out My Window," off the album Patricia. I can't get enough of this song. Love you, 26!

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