Tuesday, August 02, 2011

...All the Marbles at Videomatica

...and speaking of Videomatica, I'm told that the sale store - still up and running - has brought in a couple of copies of what I remember as being a very interesting/ entertaining 1981 film starring Peter Falk, ...All the Marbles, in which he manages a duo of lady wrestlers. Yes, I know, this SOUNDS like tawdry exploitation fare, but my recollection is that it rises far above that, or... further above that than one would expect. Director Robert Aldrich - it was his final film - was an uneven filmmaker, and I haven't always liked all his films (his classic noir, Kiss Me Deadly, which recently came out on Criterion, was so offputting the first time I attempted it that I turned it off - can't recall exactly why; reading about it since, and discovering how much Repo Man pays homage to it, makes me badly want to see it again). Of his late fare, none of those I've seen were either all good or all bad, but contained memorable moments, ie. Emperor of the North Pole, The Grissom Gang, and of course The Dirty Dozen... really Falk is the reason to see this movie...

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