Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ooh, the jazzfest, the jazzfest

Oooh. I don't want to blow any prospects by scooping myself on my blog, y'dig? ...But I am suddenly happily blown away to discover that the concert I'm MOST excited about seeing during the upcoming jazzfest is a free show happening during the weekend at David Lam Park. (And no, it's not The Thing - that's a ticketed gig!).

I'm also really, really excited about Peter Brotzmann, mind you (turn down the volume before you visit his website). It's unfortunate that he arrives when I'm not craving blow-your-guts-out-your-horn free jazz. I mean, it's no comment on the genre, it's just that I'm listening to a lot of African stuff, R&B, funk, world psych, and soul at the moment - mostly a whole lot of Daptone, with a bit of Chicago blues thrown in on the side, in case I start getting too happy. It doesn't have much in common with Nipples, or even Machine Gun. Rest assured, tho' - I am GOING TO SEE BROTZMANN, and am VERY KEEN. There have been long periods in my life where almost nothing less than Brotzmann would suffice (except maybe Borbetomagus?). I've probably listened to him as much as I have Coltrane or Ayler, to be honest. Possibly even more...

Oh, would someone PLEASE bring Borbetomagus to Vancouver...!

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Susan said...

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