Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bison BC Saturday at the Rickshaw!

Bison BC at their last gig with Brad, photo by Femke van Delft; note my bald head (I think) peeking out from the crowd, in line with Dan

No advance tickets that I can see, so I guess we're going to have to queue up on East Hastings, but Saturday is the Rickshaw's 2nd anniversary, with Bison BC headlining; it also marks the debut of new Bison drummer Matt Wood. I have a Music Note on this in the Straight (and articles on Group Doueh and Kazutoki Umezu's KIKI Band), which I'm too pooped to even provide links for right now, but I just wanted to add that the one old song James specifically said that Bison BC were practicin' up for the gig, to freshen up their set, is "Earthbound," off their first album. (As you'll see in the Straight piece, he actually said they were adding "songs" to the set, but that was the only one he mentioned by name; I figured it would create more interest among Straight readers NOT to mention the exact song - plus I had already reached my wordcount). Dunno about y'all, I'm grateful for the chance to listen to the song a few dozen times and commit it firmly to memory before the show - I don't listen to their first album nearly as much as their next two, so I need the catch-up time!

Dark Ages in vinyl out now!

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